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Kyanjuwa Nalah


The faces of Nalah.   (Photo's by B. Taylor)

Nalah is our current bitch and a proud member of the family.  She was born on the 20th of October 1995 to our previous breeding pair Sumah and Riyah.  She has her mother's ears and athleticism coupled with her fathers big, soft personality.  She is an absolute pleasure to be around and smothers you with affection.

A proud mum

Is this OK?

Just chilling out inside

Nalah & Ranger

Very pregnant and hot


Kyanjuwa Riyah (deceased)

Riyah was our previous bitch.  She was born in February of 1993 and was purchased by us as a mate for Sumah.  She proved to be a wonderful companion for Sumah and for our family.  She was an extremely athletic dog, with a bright and attentive personality.  She kept us all fit with her activity around the property.


Kyanjuwa Sumah (deceased)

Sumah is our original dog and the one responsible for making us fall in love with the breed.  Born on the 17th of December 1987, he was a big hearted dog with a soft and gentle personality that you fell in love with instantly.  He was special to us for so many reasons, but particularly his beautiful nature.  We almost lost him in his early years when he was apparently hit by a car on one of his 'unsupervised' walks from our remote property in the Dandenongs.  With damage to his back and a shattered leg, Sumah literally dragged himself home with only the use of his front 2 legs over a 4-5 day period.  After days of constant searching we couldn't believe our eyes when we went to scratching at the front door.  A severely dehydrated, malnourished and damaged Sumah lay at the front door unable to make a noise.  We have never forgotten the look on his face as we opened the door.  An amazed vet performed some delicate surgery and within a few months Sumah was back to his old self.   He was a remarkable dog.



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